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Hi guys,

Am sorta new to firearms owning, and a family member show me this site so I decided to make a account. I been browsing through the Classifieds lately and seeking to find a handgun for target shooting.

I currently live in Portland for the time being, then I`ll be back in Eugene for school.
Best thing for getting started and target shooting (IMHO) is a 22caliber. Go to Bimart and get a ruger 1022, put a nice little scope on it. You can shoot 1000's of rounds for pennies. Then get a good 22 cal handgun to go with it.
If/when you get the bug... then do research on a full sized handgun.

Be safe, have fun ! (in that order)
Well I currently have a AR-15, I was looking to get a Walther P22 than a glock or a Sig 22lr Classic P226 than convert it to a 9mm later with there kits. I currently cant afford a handgun now with summer tuition and such, but I been looking around and saving.
Guess I took the 'new to firearms' too literally. :)
I'm fairly new also to expanding my firearms knowledge/collection. Been a target plinker all my life, and totally enjoying my new obsession... As for handguns I really like how my XD-9 shoots.

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