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Hey guys I am new to this forum and so far I am really enjoying it. I was searching for good places to shoot and found you guys. I currently own a .22 Long rifle that I love shooting, I can hit really small targets and you cant beat the ammo price. I also own a Kimber 45, but I shoot it less because of the cost. I am always looking for a good place to shoot out in the woods but I have not found a place that I would always want to go. I am always in fear that I am on private property or that I am in a safe zone. For the most part my outdoor shooting has been limited to the times I can go with family members that know where to go but they live in the Roseburg area and that is not a convenient place for me because I live in Eugene. Someone recently told me to go to Mcgowan and as I was driving in I was stopped by an ODF employee that told me it is a class B felony to shoot at Mcgowan because its a "safety zone". So far on the forums I have read about a couple good spots that I am willing to check out but does anyone have any suggestions on how I can find good legal places to shoot? I was going to visit the BLM office and see if i could get a map that showed the legal places. Thanks guys
Conceited: Welcome to the forum! I know about outdoor shooting areas in the Portland area, but not in the area that you are talking about. I suggest you do a search in the "outdoor shooting areas" subforum here. I think you'll find something that works for you!
Welcome! My advice regarding shooting on public lands is know the agency that maintains the the location and look at their rules. Each office can have it's own notices. I'm not really familiar with ODF but I know federal agencies will post notices on their sites.

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