Here's ONE idea that alone can save America, also 7 other ones ;)

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    Michael Savage's latest book "Government Zero" has 40 ideas of how to improve America. I haven't read the book, but I've heard him say ~14 of his ideas on his radio show. I don't think they are bad ideas, well, some may be oversimplified but they're probably good ideas IMO. BUT, how many of his ideas can actually be implemented? We have a corrupt criminal lawless government in a corrupt system whereby the rules of how the justice system & courts & congress operates have been changed over the last 50+ years to be corrupt and/or noone follows the laws anyway. So, my point is that it's probably IMPOSSIBLE to implement his ideas, because all of his ideas are based on working WITHIN a corrupt system. His ideas are a wishlist of fantasies. What we need are real actual ways for the people to rebuild America from the ground up, from scratch, we don't need more fantasy ideas of what the corrupt polticians SHOULD be doing, we know they'll never change for the good, they'll never do what they should be doing - we don't even know who they are anymore - they're all in some kind of "breakaway" death cult cabal. The government is so out of control, it's been taking orders directly from secret global cabals for many decades now.

    I have ONE IDEA that is better than all 40 of Savage's ideas. Nevermind a few other ideas as well. All of my ideas can actually be implemented because they are things that the people do OUTSIDE of government and the government system.

    #1 most important thing that people can actually do: Everyone that possibly can, join their nearest local militia group. You don't have to be able to fight like a soldier, militia groups can use anyones' skills. And even if you think you have little to no use in a military fashion, every single person is valuable because you live here, you may have a gun, you could help defend your neighbors at the very least, or you could help your neighbors in some other non-security way. If the people had large militia groups, those numbers by themselves would prevent tyranny. You have ideas, you can vote, so when your neighborhood or county takes a vote to decide on something, you can have a say. The problem with all societies is that they don't have a unified organizational foundation, they don't really have a communication system - the media is a broadcast outlet, the internet is more of a discussion which is good but it doesn't have a centralized website for people to keep track of what's going on and what the proposals/bills are etc, the people don't actually propose ideas & discuss them & vote on them - they let the criminal government do all of that - they give all of their power over to a few government people which naturally became more and more criminal over time. The people must have physical power to protect themselves and be civily disobedient to tyrannical government. That is a must for any society to survive. Yet, America, and most/all other countries today, do not have that power. Therein is your #1 problem. The police are not by the people for the people grassroots, they are a government controlled & funded institution. There may be some good honest moral officers, but that doesn't cut it. The people MUST all have as a core foundation of their society, that most/all people are a member of their local militia group. Without that power to have recourse, people have nothing. I know people will disagree, they'll think that what I'm suggesting will cause everyone to be wild crazy violent warmongers. Nope. That's not what my idea means. By joining a militia group, it's not just to be soldiers to fight in some war or other, not at all, it's to simply be UNITED, to communicate with each other as a unified people, in an organized fashion, to facilitate everyone having a say in their society/country, ... and, it is ALSO to have the primary physical power 'in the hands of' the people, instead of a minority of ruthless dicator cabals. It is called separation of powers, checks and balances. It is simple obvious logic for the people to have ultimate recourse. If this or any country is not protecting it's 90% majority of people, then it is not a country at all.

    I have other ideas which people can actually do without the permission of the government. If these BASIC FOUNDATION types of things are worked on, it will solve thousands of other problems - instead of working on each individual problem in America, we should work on fixing the SOURCE of ALL the problems. There are so many problems in all countries nowadays, but they will automatically be solved by implementing the proper basic simple logical components that make a society/country. Bottom line, America is deficient in the basic components that make a society. But these things can be implemented by the people. Such as:
    ..... make a voting website that eliminates voting fraud and is so easy that elections can be held as often as the people want (registered voters' addresses are published for everyone to verify, each ballot has the voter's ID on it so there cannot be any fake ballots (each voter swaps ID's with one other voter so everyone is still fully anonymous), each voter can verify that their ballot was counted and they can verify the totals)
    ..... start moving toward a direct democracy so people actually have a say in things, plus do a complete overhaul of the Constitution such as the justice system and the national/executive structure
    ..... make a multi-county/regional website (use a forum format) that serves as a cental communication hub for all people that live in that region/area - it can contain a chronological list of discussion boards of each issue/problem going on as well as each positive project going on - so everyone can see what's going on and see the latest updates and so people don't forget about the issues, everyone can make proposals/bills, every representative will have a board with their full resume & accomplishments continually updated (maybe have a live vote so if the representative's votes ever drop below a ~51-80% majority then they're fired), all crime reporting can be done on this website, everyone can discuss everything going on in the news too
    ..... neighborhood groups could be formed of ~100-1000 houses, these groups could have their own free forum website & have meetings & help each other in any way anyone wants to do so & they could have a security plan for minor crime like burglaries and also for major gang invasion & each neighborhood should come to the aid of any of their members in time of need, this would foster a better stronger more satisfying culture that would foster better family values & love
    ..... start implementing a local county/state based money/banking system whereby loans are 0% and all of the people in each state vote to fund anything they all agree should be funded, yes that's free money, things such as education & public utilities etc should be funded with free money instead of property taxes, the money system itself is not a perfect "system", there needs to be the means to 'print' free money for some things, there just has to be, for example security bodyguards could be funded to protect whistleblowers & targeted individuals & groups
    ..... some engineers that have good free energy electricity generators should print up construction plans that most people can understand and then a group of people with 24 hour bodyguards should distribute the plans across the internet and also in books
    ..... start with the Bill of Rights and expand & clarify it as a list of the morals & values that makes America's culture - companies have a mission statement and often publish their core values - a country MUST do this as well, and make an organization that people & companies can join whereby if they're a member it means they agree to the core values, so the organization would be one unified force of resources & voting power & make it a unified coalition of good organizations whereby each American person & company can join this unified organization as a member for free - then instead of us all being in separate little groups and separate individuals we could all be united into one group of people that can work on our goals with the power of all of us together instead of separate. The political parties are not the same thing, the whole party idea has become far too corrupted, plus the unifying group cannot have any basis in government, it must be separate from government on a grassroots level.

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