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I would like some help identifying and finding parts for some swaging items that I've acquired.
Any info would be great.
I have tried calling the phone number but it went to voicemail. I left a message and have not yet received a reply.
swaging 1.JPG swaging 2.JPG swaging 3.JPG swaging 4.JPG swaging 5.JPG swaging 6.JPG swaging 7.JPG swaging 8.JPG
Interesting looking equipment. Although I have limited familiarity with Corbin and CH swaging stuff, I've never seen this brand. For the kind of shooting I do, the price of copper cups alone causes me to stick with ready-made bullets.

I looked up that address in Anacortes. It's a single family residence built in 1984. There are 19 names associated with that address since that date. The property sold as recently as June, 2018. So it might be that the guy who was making that equipment at home is long gone. Might be difficult to get any information on it unless someone here has the same stuff and sees your post. Good luck.
Alright thank you for looking it up. I have posted some more pics over at Cast Boolits in there swaging section and that post is getting a little traction.
I went over to the Cast Boolits site (where I used to be go but not too often these days) and read through your thread there. Those guys are pretty knowledgeable.

Here's my take on swaging your own. That technique is kinda an old timey thing that guys did before there were Hornady, Sierra, Speer, et al that flourished after WW2. It's very much a specialty now, not many people doing it. Back when it was more often done, equipment and supplies weren't so expensive - but wages were lower too. But I've had reason to look at Corbin's price list lately and it's not for the faint of heart or thin of pocketbook. CH (now CH4D) used to make swaging tools but their current product list doesn't show them. Just as well, their prices are up there and typical delivery time is long.

If you decide not to try to use them, you might do well selling them online. I've had good luck selling swaging tools.

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