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Well, it's Decision Time on ordering a stock for the C8 build, and I need some input from the Wisdom of the Crowd. M&A Parts has the basic CAR they've offered for years for around US$25. Retro Rifles offers what appears to be the same molding in an OD Green that they claim to be Canadian clone spec (I doubt it, they also try to pass off Olive Drab triangle handguards as "Canadian") for $25, and Brownells just introduced a new clone engineered by B5 Systems (one of the two US Government-approved SOPMOD stock contractors) for $40. Three different options, different pros and cons.

Pro - Better sticker price, generally better comms. Black color would ensure more consistent matching when Cerakoted with rest of furniture set.
Con - Older tooling, may not be as precise a clone as more modern reverse-engineering technology. Vendor NEVER offers any kind of sales or discounts.

Retro Rifles:
Pro - Price. Already a shade of green.
Con - Unreliable product description. Possible skeevy misleading product descriptions. Utter lack of response to communications. As with M&A, once shipping is added near price-parity with Brownells on Free Shipping Day.

Pro - Freshly re-engineered by a leading shop. Known reliable vendor. What Brownells has chosen for their clone CAR-15s.
Con - Almost twice the price. Coupon codes usually just enough to cancel out WA sales tax, if not just under, and give free shipping.

Any thoughts to add to the Pros and Cons? Or just opinions about if YOU had a build for your S.O. that required a CAR stock, which one would you use?



Lots of top products, the buffer tube I like is the 7015 aluminum with rolled threads (I think)
May have been just rolled tube.


Brownells for sure.

There's some serious characters in the retro game- and not in a good way
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