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Shout out to all the Moms out there. Hope you have a wonderful day, surrounded by those you love.

(We gave mom her gifts. My little girl made her artwork at school. I went with jewelry; no reason not stick with what works. She is most happy to have a family. :))
Well done Pops. Brandi got a tin of "Mothers Bouquet" tea and lunch at a new place she wanted to try out yesterday.. She also got a nice card from the dog & the cats. :cool:
Thanks for the reminder! Sent my mom a gift last week before my parents hit the road for their annual trek from the Arizona home. Today, they are camping somewhere between Arizona and Idaho; not sure if they'll have cell service. for the mudflaps she gave him for his pick up..truck
O... is for the oil he puts on his hair
T... is for Thunderbird for Haggard for eggs and
R.. is for.....
"I was drunk the day my mom got out of prison...
And I went to pick her up in the rain...
But before I could get to the station with my pickup truck...
She got run over by a dammed old train...."
Thanks but I really can't take credit...
David Allan Coe...
John Prine...
Steve Goodman
All worked on the song..."You never even called me , by my name".
( in case you or anyone reading didn't already know , where "my" post / lyrics are from )
You can always call me darlin', darlin'...
Haha sorry Countrygent, didn't mean to steer your thread off into the weeds :rolleyes:. Here's what actually transpired here today.
The kids cleaned the house this morning. Daughters skating club had a bouquet fund raiser so we got a couple of those yesterday (now we're all sneezing..). Sent the other kid out to pick up something nice from cheesecake factory. Not sure what we're having for dinner tonight but it won't involve Chinese food, which we had yesterday. I will play the Redneck Mother song for the wife later but she's Japanese so it will probably just extend my stay in the doghouse. :cool:

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