WTS OR Handmade Field Knives and Kiridashi

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    About Us
    A friend and I started a business producing kitchen knives in August of 2014 called Rose City Knifeworks. We're a Portland based smithy and our main business comes from custom orders. Last month my partner decided to bang out a bunch of "field knives" for fun and hit up the Collector's West show to see if anyone was interested. We had pretty good interest in some of our knives, got a few custom orders, and received a ton of good feedback.

    So we made some more knives based on some of the feedback and we'd like to gauge people's interest in our work.

    About the Knives
    The blades are all made with 1084 carbon steel, cut, ground, and heat treated. The blades are all ground thin under a water flood with very thin points. This results in a blade that is both very thin, very sharp, and holds its edge very well. It also means the knife itself is quite a bit lighter than it looks. The Rockwell hardness varies between 59 and 61 (see chart below).

    Each knife is wrapped in cotton cord that has been impregnated and permanently sealed with water-based acrylic resin. This means the handles are permanently attached and cannot be unwrapped but are water resistant and protective.

    Generally, the reaction we saw from show goers was surprise when they ran their thumbs across the edge of these blades. Using these knives for the first time feels a bit dangerous and when I first started using them I was probably far more conscious of my fingers than I am with most knives.

    And having said that, these are not the old-school knife-slash-prybar style field knives. They are thin with thin points and are specialized for cutting, not prying. Also, because they are carbon steel they require maintenance like any other carbon steel knife.

    Payment and Shipping
    I will try to pay attention to this thread and watch my PMs but if you want to catch me, email me at contact@rosecityknifeworks.com as that's the fastest way to get to me.

    I can take Paypal or you can use our Etsy store if you prefer. Either one is fine.

    We ship free to the US.

    Feedback Please
    We're also looking for feedback. We're experimenting and we'd like to know what people think. Any feedback is welcome.

    The Knives

    Two of the kiridashi sold before I could put this post up but I wanted you guys to see them because we can make more. In fact, if anything else sells and you're interested we can produce more of them same.

    If you're looking for anything custom, contact me at contact@rosecityknifeworks.com and we can discuss.

    Click the image for a large view, they're hosted on Imgur at full resolution.














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