Gun lawyer group calls for tomorrow to be NFA ‘day of reckoning’ September 2, 2013

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    Gun lawyer group calls for tomorrow to be NFA ‘day of reckoning’
    September 2, 2013
    Gun lawyer group calls for tomorrow to be NFA ?day of reckoning? - National gun rights |

    Not waiting for the 90-day public comment period on proposed modifications to National Firearms Act gun trust regulations that are currently being reviewed by the White House, the Firearms Industry Consulting Group yesterday bolstered their call for September 3 to be a “day of reckoning,” urging the NFA community to preemptively tell their representatives to oppose the changes.

    This is “in response to the recent proposal by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) to implement Chief Law Enforcement Officer (CLEO) signatures for fictitious entity applicants, as well as, instituting a Responsible Person (RP) definition applicable to the different roles within those fictitious entities,” attorney Joshua Prince explained.

    “In an effort to assist the NFA community, FICG has prepared several sample letters to be submitted to your State and Federal Representatives, as well as a sample letter for Federal Firearms Licensees (FFLs) to submit to the US Small Business Administration,” he elaborated. “While you may believe this is strictly a federal issue, since it involves the National Firearms Act, as amended, the reality is that, if passed, this will result in a massive impact on state CLEOs, which will now have to review multiple applications for making or transferring an NFA firearm, as each RP of the fictitious entity will be required to obtain his/her CLEO’s signature. Therefore, all state legislatures must be informed and aware of the impact on their state from this proposed rule."

    Providing sample letters, Prince cautioned his readers that “Form letters have very little impact on our Representatives,” and urged them to modify the suggested language to explain “how this proposed rule, if enacted, would affect you.

    “Therefore, it is imperative that we ALL take the time to ensure that our Representatives are aware that we took time and effort in preparing the communication and expect a coherent and thoughtful response,” he recommended. “You should also be extremely clear to all of your Representatives that you are their constituent and their decision on this matter will have an effect on the next election cycle.”

    While the FIGC effort has been tailored to the NFA community, including “individuals who have been denied a CLEO signature” and Federal Firearms Licensees, any changes ultimately impact all Americans, and as such, Gun Rights Examiner urges all readers to make their views known. After all, it was a petition initiated by a niche group doing things quietly for the interests of its membership of collectors and investors that the administration seized upon to instead tighten its grip. Openness and full participation will now be needed to undo the damage.

    FIGC also includes contact information for finding federal and state representatives. This column would add that in cases where a representative is safely anti-gun, it may be advantageous to contact a legislator in a less secure seat and let them know that even though you are not a direct constituent, you contribute to campaigns of politicians who support the issues you do.

    In any case, tomorrow will tell if gun owners answer the FICG call to “stand together in solidarity.”

    UPDATE from Joshua Prince:

    We have a number of people on board for tomorrow's NFA Day of Reckoning.

    We've also started a Facebook page, Americans Opposed to ATF 41P and an event for tomorrow.

    It's extremely short notice but given the swiftness with which everything is occurring, there is little time to attempt to get these issued addressed by OIRA and the SBA. If successful, we could set this back a number of months, if not longer.


    The latest GUNS Magazine "Rights Watch" column is online, and you can read it before the magazine hits the stands. B. Todd Jones may be ATF's new director, but the path he's heading the bureau down is decidedly the same old one Holder an Obama want him to stay on. Click here to read "New Director, Same Old Direction".


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