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Great deal on a tactical rifle

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by Ought Six, Feb 27, 2011.

  1. Ought Six

    Ought Six Snoqualmie Valley area Active Member

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    Quite a while ago, I ordered a Remington 700 Tactical Entry Package from SniperCentral.com. The guy running the site is an ex-military sniper who started the site. He got so many 'what is the best, cheapest tactical rifle to get started' questions that he started his own project to put together what he called an entry-level tactical rifle project. So many members pestered him to start building them that he finally relented.

    Sniper Central - Remington 700 Entry Package

    BTW, I have no connection or financial relationship with SniperCentral.com. I am just sharing with you guys a good deal I got.

    I chose the following options (not all of which are listed on the page):

    - Remington 700 Police
    - .30-06 26" J.R. Shaw custom barrel
    - Tan ceramic coat finish
    - Bell & Carlson Medalist Mk. II Tactical Stock /w black spiderweb over tan finish
    - Bushnell Eltie 4200 3-12x44mm scope /w illuminated mildot reticle)
    - Versipod locking bipod with ski-type feet
    - TacOps overside bolt handle
    - Storm case /w foam cut to hold rifle
    - 400 round case of HSM .30-06 match grade ammo loaded /w 208 grain Hornady A-Max bullet

    The .30-06 is much more efficient at pushing large, heavy bullets due to its large case volume. This gives long-range performance approaching the .300 WinMag with recoil in the .308 class. The ammo I got (which SC.com also sells) launches that 208 grain bullet at 2700 fps. The bullet has a BC of .649! A ballistics calculator tells me the bullet will go subsonic out past 1000 yards. This rifle will be capable of some serious long-range performance.

    Mel at Sniper Central found he could only get me the ski-type feet I wanted for the bipod by ordering a kit with three types of feet; the standard round ones, the ski-type, and the triangular 'raptor' style shown in the closeup below. It cost more to get that kit than expected, but Mel refused to take any more money when I offered, and ate the extra cost. He said he is a stickler for holding to a quoted price. How is *that* for customer service? Anyways, everything I listed above, including the gun case and 400 rounds of ammo came out to be ~$3000. I ordered a lot of extra options, which obviously inflated the cost. But the basic .308 Remington 700 package starts at $1200. If anyone out there offers a better deal, I would sure like to know who it is.

    I got the rifle back in November, but my gun club membership lapsed, I have been incredibly busy, and the weather has sucked big-time, and I had to wait quite awhile to get proper cleaning equipment (forgot to order it ahead of time), so I have still not even fired it yet. I will not fire it until I can get it out on the range and do a proper break-in procedure.

    Anyways, here is how it turned out.








    I am now looking for a gun club with a good long range rifle range to work this baby out. The waiting is killing me.
  2. spikedzombies

    spikedzombies Lakewood/Tacoma Member

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    I call dibs on it when you die! Lmao
  3. madcratebuilder

    madcratebuilder Ardenwald, OR Well-Known Member

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  4. orygun

    orygun West Linn Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    Very nice. I'm so impatient that I would have gone out in the pouring rain to give this one a go!:laugh:
    I especially like the fact that this is chambered in 30-06. I hope that you have a chrono (or access to one) and can report back to us the actual fps that stuff churns out. 2700fps for that heavy of a bullet in an 06 case is impressive, too.
    Please let us know how that baby shoots when you finally get it out and run it.
  5. blaster62

    blaster62 Washington New Member

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    There is Cascade in Ravensdale 600 yd Eatonville 550-600 yd
  6. farmdog

    farmdog Northern Oregon Member

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    Very nice...