Gray Water Recycle?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by cbzdel, Mar 21, 2010.

  1. cbzdel

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    Anyone given much thought to gray water recycle? I have been given though to it for two reasons, to have water to always keep the yard green, with a plus side of having a lower water bill.

    If you dont know gray water.. From what I understand there are 3 types of water, pure (self explanatory), gray (water from sinks, washing machines and dishwasher) and black water (toilet water)

    You can recycle gray water to use in your toilets or use it outside. I would use it more for outside than toilets, mainly because I like to look at clear water in my toilet haha..

    Seems like you could get a 1500 gallon septic tank and plumb your gray lines into it along with even rain water. Come up with some sort of pump system and overflow system and your set.

    Just wondering what people think.. Or maybe some one has even done it?
  2. pdxjohann

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    CB, I've pondered through it some. For me, the roof rain water to feed flowers, bushes through the fall. I'm thinking 2500 gal. And, gray water simply from the clothes and dish washers to the trees via a 30 gal barrel for slowly disbursing water. The latter if only to take pressure off the sewer treatment system which struggles due to rapid development on top of an old system designed for far less fluid.
  3. wheretheheckami

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    If you were to use it outdoors, deq will have something to say about it. They will be concerned because: people wash poopy clothes, bath poopy bodies....think children, or someone extremely ill. Also, do you know what a 1500 gal septic tank costs? By all means proceed but be aware the potential costs and hassles.

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