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    "The woman told the ADT installer to call 911 and pulled a gun, shooting Gunter in the left foot as he was under her bed. She says she instructed Gunter to give back the phone and he threw it out from under the bed. She held Gunter at gunpoint until police arrived."

    This is why it is important to practice. Aim for center mass, get a foot .... that can be fixed with some practice.

    Here's her problem. If she only needed to shoot him in a foot, then her life was not in imminent danger and therefore she had no reason to shoot. Hold him at gun point until police arrive - without the extra hole. But if she was in danger, then maybe the adrenaline caused her to mash the trigger and tho she was aiming center-mass to stop the threat, she got the foot, and stopped the imminent portion of the threat.
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    She was stalked and threatened, not to mention probably living in fear day and night from this ex-con. I don't begrudge her a shot to the foot. If she was aiming there, great. Maybe she just wanted to make sure he felt lucky that it was just his foot. This guy is lucky that he's not going out feet first/toes up. Next time it's likely he will.
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    I'm against this practice of Monday morning quarterbacking and second-guessing. Leave that to the Ministry of Propaganda. As far as I'm concerned, a bastard with an extra hole is better than one without.
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