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I'm reluctantly putting up for sale my Israeli made government sized 1911 for sale. These were imported into the country for about eighteen months around 2002 or so. They were made in Israel for the first six months then manufacturing was moved to the Philippines for the remaining year of production. This one was manufactured in Israel and is thought to be of a bit better quality. It has the Star of David marked on the barrel, slide and frame which are visible during field stripping.

These came stock with extended safeties, mag releases and beavertail. It also came stock with Hogue style finger grooved grips. It's a two tone model with blued slide and I believe stainless frame. This is not a high dollar 1911 by any means, but it is a good shooter with a bunch of features and they were marketed this way. It has been dependable for me other than using "CRAP" gunshow lead reloaded ammo and an occasional last round stovepipe which I believe was mag related.

I will try to get some photos up later, but for now here is an auction on one. Mine has a polished blued slide and not the matte finished one like the one in the auction.

Mine is a Government Sized with 5" barrel.

<broken link removed>

The $450 price is FTF in the Portland/ Beaverton area. If I don't personally know you I'll want to see a valid ODL or shipping to your FFL will be on your dime.

The price is $425 FTF thru Sunday 5/15

The Pistol is now SPF 5/13 10am

Email me at Noxspector(at)gmail.com
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