Front Strap Checkering/Serration/Stippling

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by 9mmMike, Mar 2, 2011.

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    So what is your feeling on front strap treatments. And I do mean feeling, on the hands as well as grip. Just sent my Springfield Champion back for some warranty work and am having it sent to the custome shop for a little work while there. Can add any of these options if I want while its there. Is there any benefit at all to leaving it smooth, and would serration be a better bet and a little less abrasive on the hands than checkering after a long range session. Although my hands are VERY caloused up. I've had no problems shooting in so far with nothing on the front strap.
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    Some people like the checkering for the extra grip however on a fullsize 1911 I don't really think it's necessary but on a compact model I love it because it's much easier for me to keep my grip on it. I'm not sure if you are referring to horizontal or vertical serrations but I've seen a few customs with vertical and I have to wonder why? Other than looks it doesn't seem to serve any purpose but hey, maybe that's just me. Never had stippling except on polymer guns so I don't have any advice there.
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    I love the front strap checkering...I have two 1911's without front strap checkering and one with (30 lpi) If I was going to have it done to an existing pistol I would opt for 20 lpi checkering (aggressive but tough) with a set of VZ Operator grips for a game/range pistol, 30 lpi for a carry pistol with VZ double diamond grips (just easier on clothes) I've never had a problem with 20 lpi during long range session and my hands are not rough (office worker...)
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    My Springfield has 20 lpi, it feels rough, but not sharp. My Baer has 30 lpi and it feels grippy and sharp. My Brown and my Dan wesson both have 25 lpi and the Dan Wesson frontstrap feels much "pointier" than the Brown. Non are uncomfortable to my ladylike hands, YMMV. If I was doing a frontstrap I would likely get 25 lpi and ask them to knock the points down. Then you get good traction, but it won't catch on clothes or wear a hole in your t shirt.

    Most of my grips are Gunners with the sharpest points knocked off especially at the edges , again to reduce snagging or jabs to my love handles.

    gunners on Brown

    gunners on Springfield w/ 20 lpi

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