Front sight replacement for Mosin Nagant

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    I just wanted to share a positive experience I had the other day while at the range. I have a Mosin Nagant 91/30 that shot 6" low and 4" to the right at 50yds. There was no way to adjust for elevation short of welding metal on top of the front post. I found Smith-Sights from Tandemkross and saw that they were elevation adjustable. I went ahead and ordered one. Installation was a breeze without any special tools aside from a hammer and punch. The sight came with a front post with a fiber optic insert as well as a tapered steel front post for those wanting more authenticity. Elevation adjustments are made via the allen screw in the rear of the post.

    I found that at 50yds I was hitting at point of aim. I didn't get to try anything beyond that, but that was much better than what the rifle was doing with the stock front sight. For $45 shipped, this was a great purchase as it made me want to shoot this fun rifle again!

    MN Front.jpg MN Sights.jpg
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    Thank you for the review! I had not used one of those yet, looks pretty decent!!

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