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Franklin Armory trigger lever action rifle

HERE WE GO AGAIN: Franklin Armory Providence Non-Semiautomatic -

They seem to want to push the edge - so to speak. I am not sure how good this thing is, but I applaud the initiative and attitude.

If you look closely, it seems that the trigger pulls back the bolt and then releases it to feed the round into the chamber and it fires. Kind of like an open bolt semi-auto, but no gas, trigger operated. So not semi-auto - more like a revolver in concept. It would be interesting to see what the trigger pull weight would be - the length of the pull would be long too. It seems obvious to me that this would only be practical for pistol cartridges.


They did the same shock and awe last year with the non rifles / rifled / non NFA / NFA doohickey thingy.

Nothing new here but a likely ridiculously overpriced double action only revolver like doohickey that takes Glock mags.
The Heretic
Extraction might be harder than pulling the bolt back itself - especially with hot loads or dirty ammo/chamber.

Still, I applaud trying new and different things to get around stupid gun laws.


I applaud their innovation, but I had an airsoft gun like that once. No thanks! Plus I am sure CA and the like will still call that semi auto, just like a revolver carbine would be.
Apparently In Range TV was banned from covering them at SHOT Show. I do recall some salty, and accurate, condemnation from them on the "Reformation", or whatever they called that worthless thing. :s0112:

Franklin armory is doing more to help people in ban states to have full feature guns then the NRA ever has.

And screw InRange. Karl sniffs his own farts and is only where he's at because he rode Ian McCollum's coattails to success. If Ian wasn't his friend and involved in the channel he'd be another nobody. I don't blame FA. I wouldn't want that POS at my booth either.


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