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Continuing the theme of Cold War era flicks for your viewing enjoyment, the following is the first episode in the program Playhouse 90. This one is a film adaptation of the Pat Frank thriller Forbidden Area. The episode stars Charlton Heston and Vincent Price. It is hosted by western star Jack Palance. Cheers!

Parenthetically, I read the book over the summer and enjoyed said. If you find a copy, it is a fun read.
Charlton Heston spent half his acting career on the stage, the other half on the movie set. If you look hard enough, you can find some little gems like Julius Caesar, The Caine Mutiny, and A Man For All Seasons on DVD, all moderate-budget films shot on stage. He was also the original Mr. Roberts on Broadway, but couldn't schedule the film shooting schedule.
I was going to post a youtube for "The Day the Earth Stood Still" (1951 version) which is a favorite of mine, and is also a cold-war movie (of sorts). But when I search for it in youtube there are just a lot of little clips that link offsite to see the movie. Does anybody know what that is about? Is it some scam?

Maybe i just got used to free old movies, and they ain't free any more.o_O
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