FN Mauser '98 with precision Israeli stepped barrel, .308, just from gunsmith!

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    This is a very interesting rifle which is fresh from the gunsmith where it was rechambered from 7.62x51 to .308. The bolt was also beautifully jeweled. It is built on a Belgian FN Mauser '98 action which was made for the Columbian Army. Therefore this is a "Columbian FN Mauser". Then an Izzy stepped barrel was added. It is a precision barrel, probably of German manufacture and at some point in its life, it picked up some British armory stamps.

    I added:

    STOCK - a Remington laminated wood model, beautiful!
    SCOPE MOUNT - no drill/tap style
    BIPOD - Versapod
    SCOPE - Osprey Sniper NOT included - $100 additional

    This is a heavy rifle, weighing in at 11 pounds.

    $425 or trade for equal value generator

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