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First Gun Show, any pointers?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Arkarayne, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. Arkarayne

    Arkarayne Medford, OR Member

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    Like the name implies, going to the Medford armory show next weekend...
    <==== Newbie to 'em.
  2. Beagle

    Beagle Puyallup WA Member

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    well i have been going to them since i was 8 i'm 44 now.
    my dad had tables at shows for many years i guess i'm what you would call 2nd gen lol. i give you all this info so you have some backround.

    the first thing i would do is make sure you go with a friend who has been to a bunch of them.make sure he has made purchases at the show.
    this helps because he can tell you who is s good guy and who isn't.
    some of us will stand by the purchase if your gun doesn't work bring it back and we will give you a refund.most will tell you to take a hike and that it was bought as is.
    next do your home work on prices don't expect gunbroker prices at the shows.
    people think that we get tables for free and that we all live right next to the show. so expect most of the time to pay a little more. if i do a show it cost me 120.00 in tables, gas and crappy expensive food at the fairgrounds.

    be nice the first time you meet these guys.this is what counts.we remember faces don't come in and tell me you can get it cheaper.you might be able to but re read the above. there are people who will sell you a 40 dollar jennings for 200.00 and you will figure out who they are. but not all do that and we get pissed when it's done.

    oh and please don't bring in your pda or phone and stand in front of my table checking prices and telling me the gunbroker story.
    for instance i had a guy offer me 400.00 on my 800 dollar benelli super 90 that was new in box. he had his little fake pencil out on gunbroker. saying he could get one that cheap. then he shows me the listing after i called bull bubblegum and he was looking at a benelli nova:laugh:

    next be sure to ask questions not so many that you look like your writing a book but most table holders will go out of there way to explain anything you may want to know.but watch it some make it up as they go. if i know i will tell ya if i don't? well i will tell ya that to.

    my last bit of advice is if you see what you want and the price is where you want to be and the gun is in nice shape Buy it right then and there. i hate hearing all the whining from people who played with the gun for 10 minutes got me down some in price? and then decide to think about it and walk off and come back 2 hours later and the gun has sold. now they are pissed at me and them selves for not buying it.

    it's a long read but i hope it helps.
  3. Arkarayne

    Arkarayne Medford, OR Member

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    It did help, I appriciate the inside info. There's a few guns i'm specifically interested in, and having a budget helps.
    Mostly interested in picking up an SKS, mosins, or TT-33

    I know Mosins go 80-120-150, TT's 180-200-220, but SKS prices I can't really pin down. (oh, $300 budget, with some fudge room)
  4. Silver Fox

    Silver Fox Puyallup, WA Well-Known Member

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    Wear a smile, be polite, listen to the old timers, shake their hand before you walk away, if the boy scouts are selling something buy it, put a dollar in whatever raffle is going on, enjoy the moment.

  5. cwegga

    cwegga Helena, MT Active Member

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    Well things have been covered pretty well already. I'll just add one thing and reiterate a couple.

    1. Know the value of what you want. Prices can vary a lot!
    2. If it's what you want at a good price, buy it now and stop looking at those things. It's no fun to go back and have it gone and it's no fun to buy it and then see one for cheaper two rows over.
    3. Ask before you touch the guns. People have different expectations but some don't like their merchandise touched and no one will be offended by asking.:thumbup: