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    Greetings all!

    I wanted to invite you all to come out and discover a shooting sport that I've found to be incredibly enjoyable. The name of the game is Fast Draw, and the game is generally played with single action .45LC firearms. The gun of choice is Ruger Vaquero but any single for the most part will do to get started.

    Our competitions normally incorporate a wax bullet propelled by a 209 shot shell primer. This allows us to hold contests in municipal areas without a threat to local safety. The events vary in format but normally involve drawing and firing your weapon when triggered by a light within your fast as you can. Beginners are usually able to reach the half second mark within a few days, .400 comes a little harder, and world champions compete in the 1/4 second range. The competition can be intense, but it always friendly, fun, and done with the new shooter in mind.

    There is one official WFDA (World Fast Draw Association) club here in Oregon, and an effort to form a few more is in the works now. Key areas with folks interested in creating clubs are Washington and Yamhill County at the moment. We'd love to find more friends that enjoy a friendly shooting sport where a new shooter can improve on their first attempt and become competitive relatively quickly if they put some effort into it. The initial investment required is relatively low as far as shooting sports go which is often the largest reason people don't try more things like this.

    The environment is warm, the shooters are always happy to lend a hand, and everyone is there to have fun. If you'd like to come join us our monthly match will be held next Saturday, June 14th, and reoccurs the second Saturday of every month. The club is located in St. Helens and the match begins at 10am. If you'd like to check it out or learn more just drop me a line.

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