Factory autorized Mountain House sale - Ends Feb 12

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    Thanks to poster Sun95 who posted this in the Prep and Survival section and it promptly disappeared in the other activity there:) It's worthy of being put here for better visibility. Costco occasional does a Mt House deal as well, I've done both Costco and theepicenter and the problem with Costco is that it's limited and sporadic. Theepicenter is doing free shipping at case QTY for #10 tins. (that is, you buy a case of 6 #10 tins and they will pay the freight, you want a single can, you pay. They also have some new military pouch stuff I've never tried, so if anyone has any info on that speak up and tell us how it is. They are claiming a 10 year life on the pouches, much improved from the 7 it use to be but still short of the 25 years that the tins have. Back in 2009 they had a bunch of fantastic Italian army surplus wool blankets for a remarkable $17.95.

    They have a bunch of other stuff as well. https://theepicenter.com/cgi/order.cgi/s?page=freeze_dried_and_dehydrated.html&cart_id=

    This is Sun95's full post copy pasted: 2014 Mid-Winter "OUT OF THE DEEP FREEZE" Sale at TheEpicenter.com
    25% OFF all Mountain House #10 Cans with a 25+ Year Shelf Life

    SALE PRICES EFFECTIVE Saturday 2/08/14 through Friday 2/14/14
    25% OFF suggested retail on Mountain House #10 Cans will be published on our website only during the authorized sale period scheduled for Saturday, February 8th through Friday, February 14th.

    If you want smaller packaging, Mountain House Pouch products with a 10+ Year Shelf Life are always in stock at 10-25% off. New Mountain House Pouch products for 2014 include Biscuits & Gravy, Apple Crisp, and Fire Roasted Vegetables!

    From the entire staff at TheEpicenter.com, we send you warm wishes and look forward to serving you!

    Epicenter Supplies LLC
    384 Wallis Street #2
    Eugene, OR 97402
    Telephone: 541-684-0717 (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm, Pacific Time)

    * Free Shipping for Full Cases of Mountain House Cans (6 of same item) ONLY for shipments to Lower 48 States. Nominal shipping charges will apply for individual can orders. Alaska/Hawaii customers, please call us at 541-684-0717 to place your order.

    p.s. No advance orders please. Due to our agreement with the manufacturer, Mountain House #10 can orders received prior to or after this sale period will be at our every day discounted pricing.
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    +1 for the epicenter....they are very helpful & know their stuff if you call them too. Would order again from....

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