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It's a likely scenario.
Did anyone catch the deep orange sun setting in the sky last night? Better than an eclipse IMHO.
Sure was smokey...


That lovely orange tint from the office window.
Oh about two years ago, when the sky turned red for the entire day... that was one of the most beatiful days here. I was sick for a week, but still pretty.
The sun goes down every night. Pretty much looks the same. Dark


Cool? Not so much....Looked like the air in the movie Soylent Green. Just getting out and watering deck plants, beans, cukes, tomatoes, had me all messed up in the nose, throat, and lungs. I don't suffer from any allergies, but that air is PUTRID. there's nothing cool about it in my eyes! Yeah, made my eyes funky too!

I'll be thrilled when this schtick is over! Problem is they're calling for mostly 90s for the whole freaking month!
All these pollutants in the air really make sunlight dramatic, especially when it slants sideways through a hundred miles of atmosphere right before dusk. I took a lot of photos in filthy Pakistan that all have that warm golden glow, even in the middle of the day. Smoke makes for breathtaking sunsets, literally. Gonna stay inside to exercise this evening.
I am really worried that we won't be able to see the only total solar eclipse in our own backyard in a lifetime. Could be cloud cover, or haze, or hordes screwing up traffic.

I just feel like I may have miscalculated by not making plans to go farther inland. Lyons might not be out from under a smokey or hazy sky. I am hoping with fingers and goes crossed!
Just heard that because of an existing wildfire that approx 117k acres will be off limits during the eclipse! That means substantially less land mass for all the "high schoolers"! I call them high schoolers because, who else gets soooo excited about upwards of 2.5 minutes of action???

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