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Ok I’ve heard people say it’s possible to shoot a shotgun so it’s almost like shooting a semi-auto. I’m assuming and I hate to assume that it just take practice. And then it becomes muscle memory. Is there any one pump shotgun better than the other. As far as ease of slide cycling.
Well, you COULD always get a semi auto shotgun. As far as pumps go, the only one I ever had was the old standard Mossberg 500. It worked great, and you can operate the pump fast enough to hit doubles thrown from a spring powered thrower. I liked the Mossy better than my friend's Winchester pump, because the Mossberg had two steel bars to transfer motion from the pump to the action, vs the Winchester only having one. ( I don't know what model his was, but it broke that single bar once, so I wasn't too impressed.)
probably a good reason why they sell so many. :)

BOOM chack chack


I have a 1951 JC Higgins that was outsourced to High standard that year and is the smoothest pump I own.

I’ve seen them used in 3 gun before.

My 870’s and JC Higgins Mossberg clone are nowhere near as smooth.

There are slam fire shotguns (meaning you just hold the trigger and pump away).

I don’t really think you’ll match the speed of a simi auto though. You might get close with a ton of practice but most likely still not be as fast.
Imo whether u are Shooting pump or semi, how to hold it and stance are critical to getting shots on target quickly. if not using proper technique either one will be less effective.
Importance of stance/weight distribution exaggerated in this video with small framed shooter


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