Commodity Jurisdiction request answered. Similar to Defense Distributed.

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    Back around May 12[SUP]th[/SUP], I read on this forum about Defense Distributed and how they had the 3D printing models pulled off the web. They were told to complete Commodity Jurisdiction (CJ) requests to be sure they were OK to export under ITAR rules.
    At the time, I had made a few parts for an obscure Russian target rifle and made the models available to the public. It was a slightly different situation in that you weren’t getting the raw model, but rather buying the part off a web site of a company that does 3D printing by the gram. I didn’t sweat it too much, since my sight risers were fairly benign, but then I saw some of the parts that DD was being taken to task for and they also seemed rather benign. I was also a bit concerned because the company that makes them is international and web based, so the concept of “export” could occur without anything being made in the US. So, I filled out a CJ request, and only a couple of months later, I get a response. I’m legal!

    All this is to say, if DD’s schedule is similar, expect some news soon.

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