come to Wolverton and shoot tomorrow,Sunday.

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    it's 'public range day' at my club,and I'll be up there about 9:30 am. plenty of cover,wood stove will prolly get lit,and lots of room to shoot in the 3 houses.pistol range, 150 yard rifle range,and a 50 yarder too.
    It's about 25 minutes East of Woodland,Wa,or u can also get there up thru Battle Ground,thru amboy and chelatchie prairie. Contact Us
    range fee is five bucks per person,no limit on guns,bring a trunk full, I do.

    we're a small club but a great place to shoot, apps are available if u'd like to join. I like it because there is very seldom any kind of crowd there.We some organized shoots too....cowboy,IPSC,bowling pins,etc.

    Mike Cox is my name, and Mike Venne will be the very friendly ,but safety consceious RO.

    let's go shoot !!

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