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Cold Steel Pole Axe - Like New

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Cold Steel
07/21/19 - Price lowered again - $30.00

06/26/19 - Okay, here's a deal... $35.00

Here's something you don't see every day, especially since they don't make them anymore. You know you need one, right? :D

It's in brand new condition what with never having been used on the battlefield against the ravaging hordes. They sold for about $125.00, I'm asking $45.00.

From the Cold Steel website:
Surprisingly deft in the hand, Cold Steel’s Pole Axe is expertly drop forged from 1055 carbon steel. The sharp axe blade and sturdy hammer head are differentially heat treated, leaving the “business” ends of the Pole Axe hard, and the body a little softer to absorb shock and impact. Our tough American Ash handles are then further reinforced with heat treated black steel langettes. Cold Steel has created a modern monster with power the likes of which has not been seen on the battlefield since the dark ages! Weight 6 lbs. 13 oz., Overall length 73 1/8".


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