CMMG, CZ, and SIG QC issues - what! No really...

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by drstrangelove, Jun 13, 2015.

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    Checked out a CMMG 9mm PCC today at Bass Pro in Tacoma. Price was about $200 higher than online but the kicker was the barrel was loose in the receiver! I could literally move the muzzle up and down, side to side a quarter inch with audible noise/thunks coming from the receiver. I would hope this is only a loose barrel nut, but it might not have been. Either way what kind of QC is going on here? Pass

    Checked out the CZ Evo and the Sig MPX at a Bellevue gun store today. The CZ was priced fairly at $899 but the trigger was horrific... Gritty heavy ~12lbs, and the ambi safety sticks down into your firing finger when it's OFF Safe. So uncomfortable I'd be tempted to dremel it off. Very plasticky gun overall and without a Sig Brace or SBRing it, it's just not that cool. Pass

    I really wanted to love the Sig MPX, but my first impression is its too damn big for what it is. Very nice looking in photos but ungainly in hand. Sig brace commentary applies. And guess what? It also has the same problem with the ambi safety sticking into you firing finger when OFF safe! Hello? Sig? Are you listening? The last straw besides being overpriced $200 compaired to gunbroker was the action bar on top of the upper is loose and flopping up/down when retracted such that when released it will mar the upper rear of the frame. Badly. Pass

    So, I will continue to mull PCCs and give more thought to building one that takes Glock mags since I have no love for Keltec, Mechtech, JR, etc.
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    Without the stocks, the civilian versions of the CZ Evo and MPX offer nothing over a Glock 17 and a 33rd mag. They're a bit cumbersome in the pistol configuration.

    Realistically, they're both intended to be turned into SBRs by the customers. The reason to bring in the Evo as a pistol is to get around the import rules that would have blocked it from importation if it was in a long gun configuration. The reason the MPX is on the market as a pistol is to get as many of them sold as quickly as possible.

    Unfortunately, the NFA process takes too long to navigate to sell these firearms in good numbers if they were in their proper SBR configurations. Both CZ and SIG are leaving that to the end user. Supposedly, SIG will eventually put out a NFA version of the MPX but it'll probably be after they've released every other configuration.

    Regarding the MPX charging handle issue, SIG seems to be beta testing the MPX with the early adopters. They've been getting many complaints about the damage from the charging handle dragging across the top of the lower receiver near where it meets with the upper receiver. They've had to bring some of them in due to the warranty. Add to it, some of them are getting damaged at retail stores just by people working the action when they check them out so those are not getting sold since they're marred. -It has been reported that SIG is working with Badger Ordnance to get a new charging handle done but who knows if that will happen.

    Another problem that SIG has is that one of the selling points about the MPX was its promised compatibility with AR-15 fire control groups so people could drop in whatever premium trigger they desired. However, that's not the case. The aftermarket triggers will fit and function but SIG claims using them will void the warranty because they won't fit with the trigger bridge SIG designed for its fire control group. If you try do a parts swap to use the trigger bridge, you can get the parts to fit, but the parts don't fit correctly. The result is they can lock up so the gun won't fire at all and the only way it can be fixed is to disassemble the fire control group. There's a write up about this on the Sig Forum. Here's a video link explaining the issues:

    It's disappointing. I really wanted the MPX to live up to the hype. Maybe they'll be able to debug it...
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