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Cliff Mass does detailed weather analysis for our region (and sometimes elsewhere if its a big weather event). If I hear a storm is coming I check out what he has to say because he goes deep into the data. But he got himself canceled recently after saying what is obvious -- Seattle is a disaster -- the part that was chosen as a reason (if it wasn't this it would have been something else) was comparing the looting and broken windows in Seattle to Kristalnacht. Anyway -- it's a good read:

Now, if they would only stay in the city they deserve.

Notice that the violence follows wherever CA residents migrate to. Good luck Austin.
Yes sadly this is something I have watched all my life. People vote to turn their home into a sewer. Then those with means up and move to a place that is nice. As soon as they get there they start trying to turn the new home into the same sewer they left. It really is some kind of mental disorder with a lot of these people. They do the same things over and over and either expect a different result, or they blame everyone else for the mess they voted for.:mad:
It really is some kind of mental disorder with a lot of these people.
liberalism t-shirt.jpg


Several places will make one BUT, wearing it out in public would be like wearing a MAGA hat. You would have to be ready to be attacked in many places.
I love my MAGA hat but wear it responsibly too. I wouldn’t want to harm any snowflakes’ feelings as it is probably a crime in certain cities of my once great State.
I was going to include a link to Mark talking about the riots but I can't find one that probably wouldn't get deleted here. He's that good. :D You should definitely check him out!
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