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  1. awshoot

    Cliff Mass got canceled for saying the obvious: Seattle's Leadership is a Disaster

    Cliff Mass does detailed weather analysis for our region (and sometimes elsewhere if its a big weather event). If I hear a storm is coming I check out what he has to say because he goes deep into the data. But he got himself canceled recently after saying what is obvious -- Seattle is a...
  2. CZ75TS

    Seattle is falling? Maybe its time to disband the SPD

    I thought we were mostly done with the rioting and looting. I thought he disaster that was CHAZ/CHOP would have changed how the SPD responds or does not respond to things. Turns out I was wrong. What scares me isn't the mob of lunatics smashing and burning stuff it the fact that the police...
  3. Oregonhunter5

    A email from our North American leadership

    Got a email last night from our North American leadership director in regards to the recent violence and curfews. He wanted to let us know he’s thinking about all of us and to be safe. Interesting times. Nice email, but is this the new normal of hand holding I predicted? We can’t be affected are...
  4. The Heretic

    GOP leadership urges Trump to "step up" on gun control legislation

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