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Chehalis Walmart 40, 45, 380 in stock

Discussion in 'Great Deals' started by Zeshio, Mar 10, 2013.

  1. Zeshio

    Zeshio Olympia Active Member

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    Stopped by the Chehalis Walmart yesterday night and was surprised to find a decent stock of pistol ammo in. I picked up the last box of 9mm (100 round pack), but also saw a decent amount of 40 in the 100 round packs for $35, and they're loaded up on 45 ammo, about a shelf and a half of it. There were also a couple of boxes of 380.
  2. Heidland

    Heidland SW Washington Active Member

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    Shoot, I should have posted about this the other day. When I passed through Ellensburg early last week I stopped by Brothers In Arms and they had Hornady 9MM/100 for $23, .308/50 for $30, and (my favorite) Federal 7.62X51 Tracer Rounds, 20 for $17. No .45 ACP though, that is becoming impossible to find.