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Chamber hone

I bought a PSA (I know. You get what you pay for) pistol upper in 5.56. Has a very tight chamber and causing reliability issues. I can send it back to PSA, buy a chamber hone, or use a bore brush and rubbing compound. Anyone have experience with the hone or rubbing compound? Any reason I shouldn't Bubba fix this myself?
Clean well then cast that chamber? Then mike. Determine exactly what you have. This stuff happened 35 years ago but should not be happening now. If over sized then you have a choice of what to do. Or ... I for one would just send it back on the get go. Do no waste your time on it. Just me.
Send it back. Hone may not take off enough material - you would need to use a reamer to take off a mil or two.
I bought a Bear Creek 6.5 Grendel barrel. It made marks on the extracted cases. Photographed the chamber, where you could see the poor machining. Sent it back, they have said they will replace it - just waiting on the new one.
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shoot it! Is your brass "frosted"? Polishing a chamber is a task that isn't too tricky but requires skill. Take it to some one you trust.
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