So -I'm looking for a local (Eugene-Vanouver, I-5 corrider) gunsmith who can locally and without shipping do some high quality work on polymer pistols -Glocks, XD's, and Kahrs. Such as:

+Install Dovetailed night sites & test fire for 15 yd point of aim.
+Polish feed ramps & slide releases
+bevel slides to remove & smooth cornered edges (for smoother snag-free draw)
+coat slides to change color and finish texture (like turn a glock slide OD +green with quality product that will last, and last...)

Sort of like the custom carry packages that are available on Kahr, just local and available for all major pistol makes/ models.

We might be able to help you.

1. Sight installations, no problem.
2. Most of the guns you listed do not benefit from polishing the feed ramp. Not sure about the Kahr, but the Glock and the XD barrels are case hardened using a process known as ferritic nitrocarburizing, also known by the trade names Tenifer and Melonite. This hardening only penetrate about 0.002" into the surface. Polishing will remove this.
3. The slides for the Glock and XD are heat treated as per the barrels. We can do as you wish, but you'll be loosing wear resistence in the polished areas.
4. I'm not aware of any O.D green finish that will last and last on a handgun. If you find one let us know.

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