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1. Don't go to places that are GUN FREE ZONES.

2. Conceal carry and keep your mouth shut, and make sure you don't get caught (not that hard to do and get away with, the bad guys do it all the time and get away with it).

3. Keep it locked in a safe place and enter the GUN FREE ZONE like a mook and if S**T hits the fan you can hope that someone or the police will come to help you.

I am sorry but it is so dumb that you can get a license to conceal carry but there is a list of places you can't go. It's beating a dead horse :s0013: but if someone wants to conceal carry in order to cause harm to someone down the line, well guess what? THEY WILL. I have no choice but to believe that it's a bad law and I have no respect for such dumb laws. I have known people who carried concealed to the post office and other places that they are not suppose to carry. These people are good responsible people and I respect them for doing it because when your life is in danger who cares what the dumb laws are. Does that make the person a bad person for not fallowing the dumb laws? I think not. The real bad guys are the A-holes who make such stupid laws.... Federal or state or county or city..... I have said it before, wanna have gun free zones for people? put armed guards so I don't have to take matters to my own hands and carry for my protection. Don't you think that if they really cared there would be strong body searches and metal detectors? it's all about controlling the sheep..... WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!
If it makes me a bad person to wanna responsibly protect my life by going to a gun free zone with a concealed weapon, well I guess i'm a bad guy. I just don't get involved and don't go to places where there are gun free zones. I am happy being armed and not being able to see some planes fly by or whatever, that's just me. It's ok to give an 18 year old a car to drive but not ok for me to conceal carry anywhere I want with a valid license? get the F**k out of here.

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