Card tricks - amazing!

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    I think its called magic............;)

    I used to have some similar tricks way back when I was young.
    Between his excellent palming skills and what is most likely trick decks, he presents a very good show. Note he placed the card under the watch at the beginning when he was holding her wrist

    notice 2 points; he used a different deck for each trick, and he got very nervous when she went for his pocket.

    I believe the brand I used to buy was Fox Lake (still have a couple of them)
    These Trick Decks are very cool as one version has all blank cards and then they turn to all be a specific card.

    He probably had one deck for clubs and one deck for spades in his pocket, and then counted the number to reveal the card she chose. the cards stick to each other to hide themselves. and are cut so as to show different sides depending on how you fan them or grab them.

    There are lots of variety and many styles. what he does well is set up the individual tricks and continuity, keeping you off balance.

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