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Canjar Trigger/Model#700-1BS question (s)


I removed it from an early 80's Remington 700-BDL/.223
I don't know diddly squat about it except they're no longer in business and I seen 1 for sale on GB for $450.00:s0030:and about had a stroke. I'm going to sell it but I have NO IDEA what it's worth. Any help, leads, values would sure be appreciated.

I know it fires but I removed it before I found the directions about the "set" so I'm in the dark on that part. Add to that the rifle was so filthy it was building resin/shellac from the age of the old grease/oil whatever. No rust or pitting though. Yay! But who/whomever installed it, forgot to replace the bolt release spring so there's no way to remove the bolt unless you remove the 2 screws that hold the trigger plate on. On a side note, even if the spring wasn't lost, there still wouldn't be a way to remove the bolt like the original 700 trigger assembly.

canjar 700-1 bs trigger.jpg

The pin sticking out on the left side of the trigger is what holds that WIDE trigger shoe on. It's just 'temp set' to keep the parts together. (it's spring loaded BTW)

Anyhooo, here's what I found on the web. Unk if it's correct or not.
The following, were the triggers for the 700 and 40XB & 40XBR actions
700-1S Set w/side Safety Right or Left ( Thee Lever Design )
700-2S Deluxe w/side Safety Right or Left ( Three Lever Design )
700-1BS Set w/Side Safety Right Or Left ( Two Lever Design )
700- 2BS Deluxe w/ Side Safety Right of Left ( Two Lever Design )
700-LP light Pull
This trigger could also be fitted to fit the following
40X, 600, 700, 721, 722, and 725.
Also fits XP-100 action when it is used in a rear grip pistol, or
when this action is used in a rifle design.



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