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I was wondering if anybody had recommendations for a gunsmith who can fit and chamber a barrel on my Stiller action, as well as turn the barrel down and thread the muzzle for a badger brake and suppressor.? I was considering having Kreiger doing the work but I would rather have someone I could actually talk to and go over my project with. Hoping to have my action by august:D and have take the take the rifle Elk hunting with me by late November.
There is a great "smith" closer to you than most of the other recommendations.

Clowards Gun Shop
(425) 334-3006
13822 Meridian St, Lake Stevens, WA 98258

Nationally recognized gunsmith and does lots of work for competitors.

Important to call first, especially for driving directions. He's located on the east side of Lake Stevens. He won't be the cheapest but for the money you won't find any better.
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