WTS/WTT OR Brand New Converted Russian Saiga rifle (7.62x39)

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    Here is a brand new in box Saiga (7.62x39) AK style rifle converted by RWC firearms. The rifle has been fitted by the importer with the following Command Arms upgrades/accesories including:
    A telescoping stock w/cheek riser
    Ergonomic pistol grip with interchangeable back straps
    Polymer quad rail
    Vertical foregrip
    Extended magazine release.

    The Saiga has never been fired and only ever removed from the box for inspection. Also comes with one 30 round US Palm magazine. Fully 922r compliant. Russian AKs are increasingly rare since the importation ban last year. Here is your opportunity to own a BRAND NEW Russian AK!


    My cash price is firm. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to send me a message.

    Would be interested in trading for a new or well cared for used Arsenal SLR (or similar model) AK in 7.62x39. I might be willing to take a look at an expanded trade for a 5.45x39 model involving an exchange of at least 2000 rounds of ammo and some magazines (my 7.62x39 stock for your 5.45x39)-- because I don't have any reserves of the 5.45. I WILL NOT CONSIDER ANY 5.56x45 MODELS--sorry!

    My interest is limited to the AK platform unless you can offer something of particular interest. Rifles only please!

    2015-06-17 10.09.27.jpg

    2015-06-17 10.08.59.jpg

    2015-06-15 16.32.34.jpg
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