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Brady Campaign...Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by Andy, Jun 13, 2010.

  1. Andy

    Andy Aurora, OR Active Member

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    <Email forwarded from Eric Thompson, TGSCOM>

    As someone that has debated Paul Helmke and the Brady group on national television, I am very pleased to report that I was wrong when I called them "disingenuous". It was far too nice. They are full of s&@t!

    It has been found out recently that in order to raise money for their "cause", that they have been forced to offer for sale their member list. One would think that a membership of their stated 500,000 would bring in a pretty penny, but wait, there are only 50,000 names available for sale. On a personal note, this is a little troubling because I and many of my staff are signed up for their organization to keep tabs on what propaganda they vomit up every so often. I have to wonder what sort of lefty email I've subjected myself to now. Anyone else signed up to keep track of the opposition too? I can't imagine that I'm alone here. Which would only further lower their numbers.

    Anyway, on top of a big expected win later this month with the Supreme Court, we get this little bit of light hearted news to further discredit the Brady group. Please do your part to spread it around as much as possible and let's see if we can't put them into the history books as the obsolete, lying and disgustingly self serving group of leftists that they are.

    Please see the original story here: http://blog.joehuffman.org/2010/05/28/BradyCampaignMembershipNumbers.aspx

    The list can be found for sale here: http://lists.nextmark.com/market?page=order/online/datacard&id=163065

    -Eric Thompson-
    President of TGSCOM, Inc.

    TGSCOM, Inc
    1449 South Broadway Street
    Green Bay, WI 54304-3507
  2. ZachS

    ZachS Eugene/PDX Active Member

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    Not that I have any respect whatsoever for the Brady Bunch, but it's extremely common for nonprofit organizations and political interest groups to sell their mailing lists to similar groups.
  3. Jamie6.5

    Jamie6.5 Western OR Well-Known Member

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    I think you missed the point Zach. The Bradydotorg folks profess to be 500,000 members strong.
    But now when we see the actual list of members, it's only 1/10th of that!
  4. ZachS

    ZachS Eugene/PDX Active Member

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    Hah, thanks... I did miss the point.

    Doesn't surprise me. The left's been losing interest in this issue for a long time.
  5. toobigtofail

    toobigtofail PDX Member

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    I think the Left is getting ready for a whole new round of gun grabbing, regardless of how many are on board with the ridiculous Brady Bunch.
  6. DSbur

    DSbur Vancouver WA Member

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    I thought the idea of the NRA purchasing the 'list' and then sending out pro-gun information was absolutely brilliant...
  7. sigman

    sigman Olympia, Wa Member

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    Or they are only selling only part of the member list. That sounds just like something their elitist butts might do.
  8. jordanvraptor

    jordanvraptor Oregon City, Oregon Well-Known Member

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    And half of those are probably gun owners keeping tabs on them... :)
  9. judicator

    judicator McMinnville Active Member

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    I'm on the mailing list for Ceasefire Oregon, the local chapter of gun-haters. I was checking up on their website today, and found this:

    Our Next Gun Turn-In Has Been Put on Hold

    After a 15-year run operating annual gun turn-ins, the Ceasefire Oregon Education Foundation (COEF) has had to put the next gun turn-in on hold. Like most nonprofit groups, COEF is experiencing a decline in donations. At the same time, we face an increased demand for the service that our turn-in provides, as we saw at our last turn-in, on Nov. 1, 2008, when we ran out of gift certificates and funds before we could &#8220;buy back&#8221; everyone&#8217;s guns, causing many people to take their guns back home.

  10. 8ball

    8ball WA Quit talkin' and start chalking!

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    A lot of charities rent out their mailing lists for direct marketing. This is what they are doing, not selling the actual list (which would be stupid, because the list broker could only sell it once). They aren't selling email addresses either.

    Of course, direct marketers have enough data on each household in America to be able to predict your income, credit, religion, TV shows, newspapers, ethnicity etc etc. Experian even claims to be able to predict household prescription drug usage.

    I can't think what a Brady Bunch mailing list would be good for marketing though. Selling white flags?
  11. Trlsmn

    Trlsmn In Utero (Portland) Well-Known Member

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    :laugh::bluelaugh::laugh: :thumbup:
  12. drew

    drew OR Well-Known Member

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    I hope people find a healthy alternative to a turn-in that helps them more than a gift certificate like private sales. I've heard you could trade guns for something better than a gift certificate like money or other guns.:bluelaugh: