box of 1000 #6.5 Small Rifle Primers, Remington

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    So I'm new to reloading and I plan on reloading a lot for my .223. Well I thought it was all great that I found this box today... well after I purchased said box, I read the warning and well they are no good to me... I'd love to trade straight across for a box of the #7.5 small rifle bench rest primers but i'll take what I paid for them if I cant get a trade. $35 bucks...??? live and learn, I'm hoping to not take a hit on these... seems like I've spent more on my reloading supplies to get started than I have spent on ammo the past 5 years....

    thanks for lookin :)

    work in salem and live south of Albany, willin to meet up anywhere south of Salem and north of 1-5/34 ramps.
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    Shoot the Remington 6 1/2 primers behind 21 gr. IMR 4198 powder and 50 gr. bullets all the time. Never had a misfire. They are my favorite.
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    I've traded and purchased from many folks who have made that same "mistake." I use the Rem 6 1/2s for 9mm loads. They can also subsitute for other sm pistol applications. But, beware of light firing pin strikes.

    For my 223 Rem/5.56 mm loading.........
    You could/might trade the Rem 6 1/2s for most any brand of sm rifle primers. Then, some powders (like ball powders) are said to be better with sm rifle magnum primers.

    Good luck.

    Aloha, Mark
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