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    Boston’s New Incoherent (and anti-gun) Mayor

    Boston’s outgoing mayor, Thomas “Mumbles” Menino, was known for two things: a below-average intellect that manifested itself as incoherence of speech, and extreme anti-gun positions (he was a cofounder of Illegal Mayors Against Guns with Mike Bloomberg).

    Boston has a new mayor, the union-label Marty Walsh (and already, the organized crime and gambling interests — but we repeat ourselves — trying to put a casino in Revere have promised to use union labor. ROI for the pinkie rings). In addition to his unionism, Walsh marks a change from stupid incoherence and extreme anti-gunnery. Instead, he offers extreme anti-gunnery (his first public position was to oppose AR-15s… for the police) and stupid incoherence. Viz, his inaugural speech (.pdf) Monday, in which he inveighed against “a life … torn by violent crime.” On concrete (?) anti-gunnery, he said a top priority is:

    Improving public safety and stopping senseless gun violence;

    Because, God knows, it’s “gun violence,” not “parolee and probationer violence” or “welfare recipient violence.” He goes on to promise:

    On Day One, today, I will convene a meeting to begin to address senseless violence that scars our city.

    We can hardly wait to see what can possibly be added to Boston’s de facto police-state gun control laws. Punishing the people who did not do it is one approach to crime, but it’s hard to imagine it working.

    And this “gun violence” theme of his led him directly into the stupid incoherence. According to his transcript, and the fawning reports of the Boston media, he said this:

    No parent should worry that a bullet will stop a daughter or son from coming home. No woman should be scared on our streets. No senior should be afraid in their home. And no child should be forced to live with the trauma and the indelible scars of violence.

    Now, you can’t entirely fault the media for not reporting on what was said versus planned, because in a one-party state the media’s sole function is to glorify The Party. We can only report what the Mayor said, actually; and actual reporting is the sort of dangerous thing that would get us drummed out of the capital-M Media, if we were ever in.

    If Marty Walsh was a parent — in his forties and unmarried, he still lived with his mother before his campaign — he might understand that parental worries (1) don’t track actual risks and (2) can’t be assuaged by some Santa Pol and all his SEIU elves. But that turgid paragraph, ungrammatical as it may be, isn’t what he said. In a Mumbles-worthy stumble, his last spoken sentence was:

    …no child should be forced to live with the trauma and the indeligible scars of violence.

    A Boston cop, present at the ceremony against his will, tipped us. We trust but verify him, so we turned on New England Cable News, which, sure enough, had Marty delivering this neologism and several others, in between snippets of their anchors gushing over him. “Indeligible” confirmed.

    We’re not sure what “indeligible” is. The opposite of “deligible,” and we don’t know that word, either. In an alternate universe, Hideki Tojo bought LZ Hindenburg, perhaps?

    He also promised to make Boston “a hub of optunity.” Now, is that more stupid incoherence, or is that some new word that describes something the techies at MIT (which is fortunately just outside the beaten zone of Marty’s plenary powers) just invented?

    We’re thinking that any time during this small character’s administration one gets “stupid incoherence” as one of the multiple-choice responses, well, seize the optunity and go for it.

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