Best forward mounted AK47 Reflex sight (red dot)?

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by Warthog, Aug 15, 2012.

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    Best forward mounted AK47 Reflex sight (red dot) ?

    So I am looking for some advice on an inexpensive reflex sight for my Vector Arms AK47, equipped with a MI rail system. I have looked at several, the Burris Fastfire III (3 MOA) is my top choice so far. However the reviews are mixed, and it seems to me, like its over priced for what it is. So I am fishing for first hand reviews and opinions. I am looking for something that can be used in both day and low light, must be light weight as it will be mounted on the hard guard. I know the Sig 556 used to come with a cheap light weight reflex sight with a multi reticle sight, I am just not sure if it was a quality sight. Also I’d like to know what size Dot is best for a rifle. Let the information flow.

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    Why do we even have a sub-forums?

    Burris Fastfire is very nice optic for the money.

    However, I'd go with Aimpoint H-1. (2MOA or 4MOA)
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    I hear good stuff about the Bushnell TRS-25 and the Vortex Sparks. Obviously there is about a hundred dollars difference but according to a few good reviews on YouTube.... and some comment on here, I think I would try the TRS-25 first. I am in the same boat as you and I need something for my M10 and Draco (both have quad rails up front) and when I have the money, I think I am gonna go with the TRS-25 and see where it takes me.
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    I have a Burris Fastfire on one of my pistols and I like it a lot. With the automatic shut-off I just leave it switched on and flip the cover off when I get to the range. If money were no object I'd go with an Eotech with the circle-and-dot reticle. I have a bunch of holographic sights and the Eotech is my favorite. I haven't tried the Bushnell or the Vortex so I can't tell you how they will stack up.

    By the way, mounting the sight on the front rail will make the reticle appear smaller than 3 MOA. Can't say exactly how much, but when it's farther from your eye it will look smaller. The Fastfire is bright enough that it shouldn't be an issue, and it will make it easier to line up on distant targets (aim small, miss small). Plus it will look better on your AK than most of the other sights...

    Hope that helps, Flops

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