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    Hello all,
    Anyone have any first hand experience with the Berger VLD hunting bullets. I have no doubt that they will be quite accurate with the right charge behind them. My concern is their delayed expansion. On deer sized game at distances inside 200yrds, i wunder if they will punch right through without expanding??? Any information is greatly appreciated.
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    I've got a VERY accurate load of 168 (or is it 167, I'm getting old) gr bullets for my 300 winmag. I let you know if I whack a deer how it went. I have read on other boards that on deer-sized game if you put it in the right spot, the animal is DRT. Dead Right There, like they were struck by lightning. I'm dubious about that, but intrigued enough to work up a load.
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    I've killed two deer with Berger 140 grain 6.5mm bullets. One at 135 yards and one at 190 yards. Both provided text book performance, very small entrance and large ( inch and a half ) exit. Both deer dropped and were dead instantly. While these were high shoulder shots that passed through the bone, actual meat lose was very small. I started shooting Bergers for their long range capability and found them to be second to none. I believe them to be an excellent long range hunting bullet, and a capable close range hunting bullet. Shot placement is everything. That is why I shoot the most accurate bullets I can find. The fact they perform great is a bonus. I plan on taking my elk this year with Berger 300 grain .338 caliber hybrid bullets. If I'm successful I will post the results.
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    I tend to agree more with jerfly here... shot placement is everything. Delayed expansion is kinda've a relative term. I took a 300lb hog a few years ago with a standard hunting bullet (150gr remington PSP) and while the devastation was incredible, it only penetrated into the heart/lung cavity (no exit) but destroyed a good chunk of prime sausage making material on it's way. Even though I was probably using an inadequate bullet (more suited towards deer) it still killed it. I've since switched over to barnes TTSX, but have a small stock of berger VLDs, I've been meaning to try on something other than paper.
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    Buddy of mine hit a good muley buck from 210yds with a 130gr Berger VLD (6.5x47 Lapua) Buck hit the ground right there and never got up. Another buddy hit one from 40yds with a 140gr Berger VLD (6.5 wsm) Buck went 40yds and flopped over. All our longer shots have shown remarkable bullet performance... beware of custom bullet makers that say their bullets perform like Berger's because they are using Berger's J-4 jackets.... at least one of them doesn't... won't mention any names.

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