Beretta 8040F Mini-Cougar for 9mm

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    Italian-made Beretta 8040F Cougar Mini (.40 S&W). Comes with 1-Uncle Mikes inside carry soft holster, 2-10 round mags, 1-8 round mag, 1-single grip extension for the 10 round mags that is interchangeable, and about 25-rounds. Will trade hard case for hard case. Less than 200 rounds, cleaned and cared for. If you’ve done your research, you’ll know this gun has a rotating barrel unique to Beretta that disperses the usually overbearing recoil of .40 into the slide and frame and making it as tolerable as a 9mm and allowing for a good, quick follow up shot. This gun is incredibly accurate, well built, capable, and a comfortable CCW. Looking for a compact 9mm semi-auto for trade, quite open to offers. $600 trade value.
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