I am truly emarassed by the ignorance of my fellow gun enthusiats. How can you drink the Trump koolaid knowing the man lies more than he speaks the truth? He regularly lies about things we all heard him say. Just wait a day or two and he will claim he never said it. You choose to conveniently ignore this because you can't face the fact that he is truly the most incompetent person you, (or Putin), ever elected.

Yes, Obama doesn't have the facts straight, but do you really think Trump does any research before he speaks? Of course not. He instictively lies. His lies are absolutely intentional, designed to mislead and create division. This is his only ability, the ability to lie to your face, then convince you to support him anyway. In every other area, he is an imbecile. I'm sure he has the lowest I.Q. of any modern president.

How do you military guys justify supporting the P.O.S? Do you believe the "bone spurs" story? He doesn't even remember which foot it was! If you have bone spurs you damn well know which foot it is, cause it effing hurts!
Not to mention dengrating war heroes and supporting war criminals. Now he is heading towards that old Republican pastime of putting your sons and daughters in harms way to make a buck or pay a debt. That's not what we stand for boys.
Now he is heading towards that old Politician/ruler pastime of putting your sons and daughters in harms way to make a buck or pay a debt.
Fixed that for you. :rolleyes: it is the power delegated to the Federal Government to send Americans to trouble spots to "project power" and protect American business interests as well as American political interests..

Clinton dodged the draft by going to Canada as a student.
George W Bush avoided going into war by getting to stay Stateside and partying.
Obama has never served.
Carter and Reagan served stateside;
H.Bush, Ford, Nixon, LBJ, Kennedy, all served in WW2.

Many Presidents have not served in the Military proper, and yet they were leaders of the military. Respect is given to the post, not to the person, at least from my understanding of the recent group of politicians :rolleyes:
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I think that OBAMA should make speeches and give a BUNCH OF HIS MONEY to all of the families and friends of the DEAD CHICAGO PEOPLE SHOT on a weekly basis.

I wonder if he knows that most of it is black on black crime where GOOD and honest black people get murdered by the BAD GUYS?

He and his wife can send them some of his Netflix and his new podcast money. Book money and all of the other deals that he made after he left the White House.

(Hill can do the same since she and her family are starting a Holly-weird production company too.)

He doesn't bring this up too often does he? ALL of that crime in his former city!

He only wants to bring it up when he wants to blame or disarm the honest gun man or gun woman.

You know those people who believe in the Constitution, the RKBA issue, the Bible, want to keep their guns and freedom.

Those nasty CLINGERS as some of us were called.

I still can't figure out how ERIC HOLDER and his ilk from Obama's time in office are not in JAIL for the Fast and Furious deals and MESS.


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