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I purchased this book a few years ago. It has been signed by 18 members of Easy Company, 506th Regiment, 101st Airborne. I'll be putting this on eBAY soon, but thought I'd throw it on here first and see if anyone is interested. Unfortunately, some of these men are now deceased and we are losing many of our WWII veterans everday. Every time I watch the series it makes me appreciate what others did for our freedom.


Ed Joint
Joe Lesniewski
Clarence Howell
Earl McClung
Bill Maynard
Wild Bill Guarnere
Edward D. Shames
Norman Neitzke
Frank Perconte
Herb Suerth
Philip Peruginni
Shifty Powers
Paul C. Rogers
Roy Pickel
Roy Gates
Edward J. Heffron
Max Clark
Forrest L. Guth

$350.00 cash or $400.00 trade. Trade for WWII rifles, prefer U.S models. Will trade up or down.

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