Bad Primer Lot (seen on THR)

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    Hey guys, I thought it appropriate to call your attention to this:

    "So I've been running the ammo load today, and I have been having some problems with high primers (a not-uncommon, but easily fixed issue). I made the normal adjustments but found the problem was not getting any better. I loaded approximately 2000 rounds with a high primer occuring approximately 1 in 5. Trying to reset the high primers in an RCBS bench priming tool did not fix it, in fact it made it worse. (flattening, and bulging the sides of the primer)

    I spent some time measuring everything (the primer pockets, the primers, the machine). I'm running brand new starline brass and everything mic'ed out to the proper dimensions.

    On a hunch, I ran out the rest of the primers I had in the machine and switched to a different lot (DCL611G) which performed flawlessly (they were too deep from the previous primer setting, but that was an easy fix).

    So, in short, I'm looking to see if anyone else is having this problem. I talked to my coworker who apparently had a similar problem running the same lot of primers on a dillon 1050. I am going to call winchester tomorrow and see if they know what is going on. It seems the affected lot DBL594G may have been over-annealed, resulting in brass cups that are too soft, and instead of going into the pocket, bulge over and turn into a rivet that is impossible to seat. " - From THR

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