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    Don't know if anyone read the news, but some madman decided to take his car and drive it into a crowded boardwalk in Southern California. So, as of now 1 is dead, 2 in critical and 11 wounded and the maniac driver is on the run. It appears that he chose to use a weapon that had the potential to cause more carnage than a bomb or gun, which was a car. Idiotic people think that if they ban guns that all the mass killings will come to a halt. Actually, in all honesty, it is a lot hard to point, aim and hit somebody with a fatal round with a gun than it is to just take a large mechanical device that travels at high speed and just plow it into a naive and unsuspecting group of people walking on a crowded street. Basically, any madman at any time of the day can cause massive carnage. Unlike a person with a gun, people will not flee from a person coming in a car, but rather will ignorantly stand and stare at the high speed killing machine travelling at them, expecting the sane and licensed driver to come to a halt when they cross the street. I am thinking that as the government now takes away people's rights to own gun and demonizing guns, that cold-blooded killers will find much worse methods to cause mass carnage to fulfill their sick fantasies.

    So, the only solution I can think of madmen driving Assault Cars into crowds of innocent bystanders is to have an outright ban of cars or to ban people from walking on the street. What we will need is a mean to hire government approved drivers to be trusted in these dangerous assault devices, known as automobiles. Only licensed government agents can operate these vehicles and all people must only use this as a means of transportation. We can also look into human transports , so people are not exposed on open streets or crowded areas accessible by cars, in case a rogue person gets their hands on one of these dangerous assault weapons.

    Now, if we were to apply the logic that the anti-freedom/anti-gun people use every time there is a gun crime , we could use the same logic applying to cars and any other type of device, object, substance that can cause massive devastation or carnage on a large scale. How is a car used to assault and kill people any more or less an "Assault Weapon" than a gun that is used for the same purpose? Do we not also carry guns for self-defense and for food? Aren't cars also used to transport people to their destinations at speeds more convenient and less exhausting than foot , bike or horse.

    Unfortunately, too many people in this country will stay dumb and when they ban guns, they will open up doors of much dangerous means of harming people.

    The article:
    Police: Driver who hit beachgoers fled, at large ::
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