ARPC March gun show

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by GuyBMeredith, Mar 3, 2014.

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    I put in some time walking the floor and watching the doors at the club's gun show. Personally, I was hoping the local holster maker might show (nope), thought my name might be on the Glock 19 they raffled off (nope) and wanted to check out ammo prices. Specifically CCI Mini Mags and Winchester SP primers.

    The primers varied from $35/thousand to $49/thousand. Northwest Ammo had them at $42, I believe. Guess they were trying to recover from their previous prices of $50/thousand.

    The only Mini Mags I saw were $17 for the 100 pack. I think I bought my last box from Wally's World for $7 a couple of months ago. Anyway, until the price of .22 LR drops below the price of my .38 spl reloads they are off the table. Too bad. I'd really like to pick up a Ruger MK512 (were priced lower than I expected), but who needs a gun for which you cannot buy ammo?

    The Ruger LCR and S&W 642 were also within my budget--someday. Couldn't figure out why Albany gun shop had LCR X (exposed hammer) for about $10 less than the LCRs with concealed hammer. Or why they had a stainless 642 for about $10 less than a 442.
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    I was looking for different things and overall I thought it was a pretty good show. All I ended up buying was a pair of .50 cal ammo cans, but I hadn't seen any for a few years so that was good.
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    The Disabled American Veterans Chapter #17 is raffeling off a 10/22 with a 525 count box of ammo so look us up at the May Wes Knodell show at the fairgrounds in Albany. That way you can enjoy shooting the piece you might win.

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