Are there any Youth Mentor-ship programs in OR or WA?

Discussion in 'Northwest Hunting' started by Cogs, Aug 15, 2014.

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    Are there any Oregon or Washington programs that help a financially-strapped youth to get started hunting? I am curious to know if there is a program that will help a young boy or girl, from a low income family, with the costs of hunting. Such as; Hunter Safety, Lic & Tags, mentor-ship, shooting range practice, an actual hunt, meat processing and so forth. Rifle or Bow.

    You get the idea, a 'turn-key' start to finish type of program where a family can not pay for all that, yet, the child shows an interest and desire to hunt. A program that helps to cultivate the next generation of hunters.

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    Hello Bill , if you find a program or know of a young person interested in hunting but dont know how or have the means to go about it please let me know . I have 40 years hunting exp, extra guns ,cots , ammo and time to teach . You have a great idea I hope it catches on and more hunters will teach and pass on whats becoming a lost art of hunting .
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    You could name it "The Ginny Burdick Shooting and Hunting Mentorship Program"

    Seriously, that is a great idea! I'm going to check out what ARPC has to offer. They do have youth shooting opportunitys but for members only or for the general public I don't know. SRG

    Okay, APRC offers community education, including;
    1. Hunter Safety Courses
    2. Small Bore and Trap Shooting classes
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