Are Gunsmith online schools legit?

Discussion in 'Maintenance & Gunsmithing' started by Balco, Oct 2, 2012.

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    I want to attend an accredited school in the area, but think I am out of luck. Someone told there was one in Longview, but couldn't locate one from Google. Is this a good career and how is the job market for this field? I need a school that VA approved. Thank you.
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    Online training is probably OK for the "text book learning" phase of any trade. What is lacking is the benefit of having an experienced instructor looking over your shoulder to help you get your hands to implement what's in your brain. That's what makes a "real school" so much more valuable.

    As for a career? Don't know how lucrative a career gunsmithing is. I know that some of the old craftsmen have made good livings in the field but it was their skill that brought them the business, not just a "shingle".

    If I were to enter the field today I'd go look for an established, quality, and successful, gunsmith that's reaching retirement time. Enter into an Apprenticeship/Buyout agreement. Work for a couple years at minimal wages in order to learn all you can from someone who's mastered the trade. Get to know his Customers. Eventually buy him out, perhaps by using a sweat equity down payment, and then the monthly payments on the contract will provide the old owner with retirement income. That way you have the following benefits you wouldn't if you started fresh:

    An established Location
    Equipment in place and operational
    A basic inventory of parts and materials
    An established Customer Base
    A good education in the trade from your Apprenticeship
    A head start on establishing your own reputation as you've already dealt with many old and new customers.

    Compare that with the expense of finding a market
    Finding a location
    Purchasing all the necessary tools and equipment
    Advertising Expense for building a business from scratch
    Lack of established reputation.

    If you end up paying a little more to buy someone out it will pay off in spades versus the risky new business start up.

    I have a Son who went that route with a different business. He found someone who had an established business who was ready to retire. Bought him out after working for the owner until he learned the business.

    Today he is the proud owner of a business that provides him with a 6 figure annual income. The difference of starting out from Zero versus a "Running Start".
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    A book will walk you through tearing a gun down- there are lots of smiths that make a living doing this. But to me a gunsmith is someone who EXCELS at their craft and is an artist at what they do. You won't get that without hands on.
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    Hi Balco,
    Hey I am taking some classes that I think are well done and the School is a good one. But you have to look at it for yourself. So if you would
    like you can take a look at some of the DVD's I have and I will show you the tests also. It is up to you all you have to do is come by and watch.
    Just a few hours of you time is all you need to spend. Oh, the name of the school is American Gunsmithing Institute Also know as AGI.
    Hope this helps you,
    Tony Portland, Oregon Area
  5. MarkAd

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    VA approved gunsmithing schoolls are Lassen CA, Colorado scool of trades, and few others,
    You can do it. If you willing to work long hard hours,pick the intructors blones clean, and find a old gunsmith to teach you tricks.
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