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AR15 bullpup?


I have given this thought over the years. The buffer tube has always been the draw back. But I recently came across this, https://www.pantheonarms.com/short-buffer-systems. As a buildup pistol it would move the center of gravity back and negate the need for a brace. Just putting this out there to see what others think.
Doesn't look much shorter than a carbine buffer.

The need for a brace on a pistol is to shoulder it.... We can say that now that the ATF said it's cool.
Generally the “bull pup” aspect, refers to the magazine and chamber being behind the grip. Even the shortest AR15 isn’t a bull pup, because the chamber and magazine well are forward of the grip.

As previous commenters have mentioned, the purpose of the arm brace is to utilize it to support the shooter while firing, where the shooter places the arm brace is up to them, even if it was originally designed and intended for the arm.

Without an arm brace, I personally would have no interest in any AR or AK pistols, but with the braces they are quite effective.



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